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Lily Hall is a new and upcoming author, I can’t wait to see what she is able to accomplish. I would love to read more of her amazing work and thoroughly enjoyed reading The Shoes. I am expecting more from her in the future and cannot wait to read more.

Sheila Dewey


I met Lily Hall about 10 years ago when we were helping a mutual friend open an indoor dog park. Lily’s demure nature was in total contrast to the plethora of knowledge that I found her to be during our meetings. She rattled off information about QR codes, dogs and dog training, marketing and a whole bunch of stuff in between! I was impressed! We’ve remained friends through social media over the years, and she’s just a genuinely nice person. A quick scroll through her Facebook page will confirm that, and that’s why I was so happy to see her post that her book was finally done! Lily endured some challenging seasons in her life after she started writing it, but she preserved and was victorious!

Ann Marshall


I remember the first time I met Lily. I was amazed at how comfortable
I felt around her. She has such wonderful energy. It’s like I had known her forever. To know Lily is

to know that she has a natural ability to put people at ease immediately. Lily also cares about whatever she sets her mind to, no matter how small it may be. She gives it her all every time. When she told me she was writing a book, I was so happy to hear she was using some of her creative side and placing it on paper. I am so happy and proud of her.

Tye Burrell


Truly genuine. Finding a person with a high level of integrity and witty (sometimes sarcastic) personality is like finding the perfect show to wear on this journey of life. A forward thinker who notices when something small could potentially grow into something great. That is what you find with Lily. Her seed of an idea grew into her first book "The Shoes". I can’t wait for her next idea to blossom.

Julie Quinn


Don’t be fooled by her petite stature. Lily Hall is a force to be reckoned with. A true friend with a beautiful soul and a warrior’s spirit. You can count on her to back you up, no matter how bad the idea is, and will fiercely stand by you when no one else will. She will keep you guessing with her sensible shoes and wicked sense of humor. She’s all you’d want in a friend and confidant. Make the journey into the incredibly romantic mind of Lily Hall and fall in love with a modern day version of an age old classic.

Laura Atwell


Kind, compassionate and smart doesn’t begin to describe the Lily Hall I know. When she puts her mind to something she doesn’t just go above and beyond but she loves it. Her book is just one example of the things I am pleased to see her accomplish; I can’t wait to see her reach for more. Lily has an incredible mind and every goal of hers has been taken with stride and grace, but they are not without difficulty, she knows what being strong and passionate really is. There is a piece of her heart in all of her achievements. I am so excited to see where she goes from here.

Maya Armstead


Lily Hall has been working as a grocery store manager and has many book plots floating around her head for years. Finally penning her first one, The Shoes, is a huge hit! Lovely Calliope is a young woman filled with love, family and grace. After receiving a letter from NYC she is intrigued to go back and take care of unfinished business. Calli takes us on a journey that is filled with style, fashion and courage. Lily has written a great book that will take you back to the love of family and adventure. A book that you never want to end or put down.

Joni Germaine


Knowing Lily Hall has been a great pleasure. Since the day I met her, I have always felt like she is someone who is in my corner. No matter the circumstance, or the distance, I know that I can always count on Lily. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that there are still kind hearted people like her in this world , who would give you the shirt off their back. I met Lily in her work environment and I quickly realized that her work ethic is unmatchable. She’s a hard worker and extremely driven. Having a friend like Lily is a true blessing.

Janette Zuluaga


Lily’s creative process is like no other. Her mind is always 10 steps ahead and challenges you think outside the box when you present an idea to her. Truly a phenomenal talent!

Lovern Gordon

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